Which country’s next best friend?

As a global economy, China is the most important country to watch as the world moves toward the end of the century.

This is a huge issue for China and for its neighbours, but for those living in the United States, it can be a bit confusing. 

What is the US? 

The United States is a nation of more than 100 million people and its population is roughly the same as China’s.

Its economic and political clout and influence are unmatched, but it’s not the only country that has its sights set on the US. 

The most recent polls show that Americans would like to see a greater role for the US in the world, and the next generation is much more likely to favour a strong US presence. 

There is some truth to the idea that a strong and influential US could be beneficial for its trading partners.

 It’s not clear how many of these countries could benefit from a US presence, but there are some indicators that it’s a realistic prospect.

How important is the United Kingdom? 

Despite the United Nations’ claims to have a special relationship with Britain, its influence in the region is not as strong as it is in the UK.

The UK’s economy is dominated by exports, but this is a major factor for a country that relies on the export of products and services. 

While the UK is the fourth largest exporter of goods and services in the EU, the UK also exports goods to China and India, and to India and China.

The EU is the second largest export market for China, and its relationship with India is not particularly good.

If the UK left the EU it would lose influence with these countries. 

How important are the US and EU? 

While there are many reasons why the US would be interested in a stronger US presence in the area of trade, there are also reasons why it would be less likely to do so.

In the past, the US has supported the US-led trade blocs and they have had strong political and military influence in Europe.

As a result, the EU would have much less sway in a post-Brexit world than it would in a world where the US is the world’s largest economy.

It’s unlikely that the EU could afford to lose much of its influence with the US, given its membership of the WTO.

While some EU countries might prefer to leave the EU and move towards a more regional, free-trade and market economy, there is also a real possibility that they might opt to stay in.

There are also a number of other factors that make the US less attractive to the EU.

For example, it would not be very easy for the EU to retain influence with an American president that would be willing to walk away from an international order that was put in place for the betterment of all of its citizens.

And the US military is much bigger than the EU’s, with a US Navy with more than 70,000 troops in Europe and a US Air Force with more then 300 aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa.

China, on the other hand, has an army of around 1.3 million and the US does not have such a large military.

Therefore, it’s unlikely the EU will be interested enough in the US to make a move.

What does this mean for China? 

If China does leave the European Union, it will have many challenges, including maintaining its own military power and maintaining ties with its trading partner.

But its relationship in the post-Trump world could be much more positive.

That could allow the US economy to grow, and it could also give China an opportunity to diversify its economic activity and export its goods to its trading countries.

Moreover, China will be able to continue to grow and develop the country, as it has done in recent years.

However, the Chinese leadership has warned that China will continue to be the number one economic power in the emerging world.

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