‘Stay Out of Our Communities’: Trump supporters rally in Ohio

Donald Trump supporters gathered in Ohio for a rally Friday, where he attacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server and suggested that she was trying to “rig” the election.

The rally, which Trump attended from the Ohio Statehouse, was organized by the Nationalist Movement, which has been calling for violence against Clinton since November 2016.

“We’re going to do everything we can to take this country back,” Trump said.

“I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking: Oh, she’s not going to be president.

She’s not.

She didn’t win the election.”

“We want to take our country back.”

During the rally, Trump accused Clinton of having “blood on her hands,” and said that she is trying to destroy the country by “rigging the system.”

“You have blood on your hands,” Trump told the crowd.

“Hillary Clinton’s blood on her fingers.

And I’m not talking about blood on the ballot.

I’m talking about the system, and we’re going in to take back this country.”

Trump said that Clinton is the most corrupt person in American history, and he promised that he will “take down the crooked system” and that he would “take it back” if he is elected president.

Trump’s comments drew a quick rebuke from Democrats in the state, who were quick to denounce his rhetoric.

“Donald Trump’s supporters in Ohio are making the same baseless claims that have been made against Clinton in the past,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

“The reality is that Donald Trump’s support in Ohio is far higher than Clinton’s, and is driven by a simple lack of compassion and concern for the people of our great state.

He is simply wrong.”

“Stay Out Of Our Communities” rally organizer, Mike Murphy, told Fox News that the event was organized “for all Americans, and in no way reflects the views of our national political leaders.”

Murphy said that the rally was designed to show the “power of the Nationalists.”

“This event is intended to show our nation that we are united in our desire to restore the rule of law and freedom, to preserve our freedoms and to keep our government accountable to the American people,” Murphy said.

The Nationalist movement has also called for violence to be used in the upcoming election against Clinton, who has been under FBI investigation for her private email use.

On Friday, the National Socialist Movement posted a statement on its Facebook page calling for an “armed revolution.”

The statement said that Trump is “a fraud and a traitor to our Constitution” and the Republican Party is “in league with the Clintons to destroy America.”

“The Republican Party and the Democrats are working together to take America back from the people,” the statement continued.

“This is the only way we can restore the American Republic.”

In response to the rally on Friday, McDaniel told Fox that the “nationalists” should be “re-elected and held accountable” for their actions.

“Our leaders must be held accountable,” McDaniel added.

“If the National Nationalist Movements wants to see the Republican party and the Democratic party, they need to be re-elected.”

On Saturday, Trump and his supporters again showed up to the Ohio rally, this time in a much larger capacity than on Friday.

Trump said at the rally that he was disappointed with Clinton and that his supporters should be treated “humanely and with respect.”

Trump also criticized the “failing” Democratic Party.

“You know who’s not doing a good job?

Hillary Clinton and the failing Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted.

“They’re the one who is failing the people and the country.”

McDaniel condemned the rally for being “racist,” but did not say what her group would do if Trump were elected.

“Don’t be surprised if we get some kind of response to this,” McDan said.

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