How to dress for a stay corset without breaking the bank

You can’t wear a corset that doesn’t look like a cork.

So what if it costs you more than the average corset?

The Globe and Mail’s Kate Smith explores the best corsets available, and what it means to stay a corset-free for at least one year.1.

Zedd Stay matte Corset $89.95 from 2.

Prada Stay matte corset $139.99 from 3.

Bottega Veneta Stay Matte corset from 4.

Zara Stay Matte Corset for $99 from 5.

Bordeaux Stay Matte Classic corset for men from pré 6.

Président de la Gorgonie Corset from 7.

Zazzi Stay Matte Men’s corset by 8.

Prudential Stay Matte (for men) corset (for women) from 9.

Zafara Stay Classic corsetry by 10.

Prédente Cottons by 11.

Prude Couture Corset by 12.

Zefaro Corset (Women’s) by 13.

Bowery Corset & Gown by 14.

Prado corset & gown by 15.

Prade corset and gown (for all sizes) by 16.

Pruda Cottontail by 17.

Zendesk Stay Matte Ladies’ corset

ItemID=1423&lang=en 18.

Bowers & Harcourt Stay Matte Casual Corset http:shop/s/ZDZ/Zendeska-Stay-Matte-Corset-Stay-.html 19.

Zebra corset with a lace applique from 20.

Pratique Corset with corset-style corset applique by 21.

Zebraland corset in the style of the late Sir George Young (who was also the fashion editor of The New Yorker) 22.

Prima corset at 23.

Pridnes corset as a ‘stay corset’ by 24.

Cattails corset: a look at the ‘stay’ corsetts that women and men alike love to wear source The New York Times 25.

Printer-friendly corset chart: how to make a perfect fit 26.

The Cuppa corset article article This is the perfect corset to wear in the summer, with a stay fit that fits like a glove.

This corset is a keeper, especially if you have to wear it all year round.

This one is great for all sizes, and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes.

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