What the world needs to know about Shantay Shetland’s new song, ‘Stay Gold’

Stay Gold ponyboy: “Stay Gold” is the first song from Shantay’s new album, which hits stores on April 29.

The track features an arrangement of the classic R&B ballad “All My Love” by B.B. King and the lyrics reflect the way the song’s lyrics are said to relate to the relationship between love and money.

“All my love,” the song says, “is a promise to you and me.

That’s all you need to know.”

“I’m so glad we’re here,” she sings on the title track, adding, “I love it when I see my friends happy, when I hear them laughing.”

She says the song was inspired by her childhood in the Bahamas, where she met a man who gave her the opportunity to make a career.

“I wanted to write songs about my childhood that was about being happy,” she says.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.

It’s a long journey, but you learn a lot and it all comes together.”

Her song also references the song “I Want To Take You Home,” which she wrote when she was 16 and was still in high school.

“It’s just like a song I wrote when I was 16,” she said.

“And it’s just such a beautiful song.”

Shantay says the songs were written as a means to “express and express myself as an artist and a human being.”

“It was really just a way to write about a feeling I was having with my parents, and it’s like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.

I want to just leave.’

So I just took it and went and made a new song.”

She said she also made the song about her relationship with her brother, which ended after she left high school, but that she feels “positive and safe” now.

The album features guest appearances by R&amps, the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Lady Gaga, among others.

While “Stay Silver” is a celebration of the love and passion she experienced growing up in the Caribbean, the album also includes songs that explore her experiences as a working mother of four, and about her father, who was diagnosed with ALS.

“That’s what made me want to write it,” she explains.

“We had so many different things going on in our lives, and the one thing that was just constant was my dad, and that was how I would look at him.

It was just like, he’s my best friend.

I didn’t know he had ALS.”

She also talks about the pressure that comes with being a mom, saying, “It really is a burden to have to do all the things I have to, and to be the parent of three.

You just have to be really focused on your job and on being the best parent you can be.”

The track “The Future Is Now” is about the idea of working hard and making a name for yourself as a musician, which Shantay says is part of the reason she chose to do so.

Shantsay says she started her career by making records in her mother’s studio.

“My mother would always record songs, and I would just sing and play,” she explained.

“So when I started doing this, I started making music, and then it was like, I could make music that was really special, and make music I liked.”

In a recent interview with The Wall St. Journal, Shantay revealed that her songwriting process was inspired after her mother died in 2014.

She said she started working on a new track on a whim, which eventually led to “All The Things She Said.”

While she doesn’t share much about the song, Shantays mother, who is also her partner, was a founding member of the legendary New York-based band The Black Keys.

She died in 2011.

When asked if she had any advice for aspiring musicians, Shantey said, “Just listen to what your parents and your grandparents said about the music you were going to make.

You’ve got to take the music that you were given, and use it.”

Read more about Shantays music and her album on the New York Times website.

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