What to know about the flood damage in the city of Tulsa and beyond

Stay strong Tulsa, Oklahoma (CNN) Stay strong, Tulsa, Okla.

It’s time to stay ahead of the storm.

“The storm is going to come down to the coast of Tulsa,” Mayor Greg Stokes said in an interview Thursday.

“If we don’t prepare, it’s going to hit the coast.”

Stay strong, stay strong,Stay blessed meaning Stay up-to-date on the latest in weather, climate and energy news.

Stokes, the city’s first black mayor since 2010, said he expects the storm will dump 20-30 inches of rain and potentially a foot of flooding along the city and surrounding counties.

The storm will cause major damage to buildings and structures along the coast and possibly cause extensive damage to utility lines, said Robert B. Williams, the director of the National Weather Service.

The storms could even bring power outages across the entire state of Oklahoma.

“It will cause power outage in parts of the state,” Williams said.

“I have no doubt that it’s gonna be an immediate threat to life and property and that’s going a long way in terms of making this region a disaster waiting to happen.”

Stokes said that for now, the first responders in the storm are focused on helping residents in their homes and businesses, including emergency responders who are being trained to use water cannons and other water-supply rescue devices.

He said the city is also encouraging residents to stay off roads and to stay in vehicles.

Stay strong Tulsa.

Stay strong.

Stay Blessed.

Stay Strong.

Stay Up-to.

Dateline: Tulsa,Oklahoma, Tulsa,Okla. 

Stay up-tulsa.

Stay up.

Stay safe.

Stay stay up.Stay up.

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