‘Stay home’ song stays dry as floodwaters continue to build in Alabama

Stay home!

The “Stay Home” song is the latest in a long line of songs that have been used to encourage people to stay home when they can’t find a way home.

It has been popular among the growing number of Americans who feel the need to stay out of their homes and to protect themselves against the threat of flooding.

“Stay home and let me know when you are safe,” sings the song on its latest video.

The song is one of many songs that people have been using to tell people not to stay at home, which is why it’s been the subject of a federal lawsuit filed by a New Orleans resident.

The suit claims the song is misleading, and it’s not clear how many people have heard it.

The plaintiff, who is not named, says he and his wife have been hearing about the song for years and are using it as a way to encourage others to stay safe.

“This song was created to help people stay home,” he said.

The New Orleans native has been using the song to encourage the song’s listeners to stay on their own.

The song, which has been used on television and in movies, is about a man who stays home and waits for the weather to change.

It has been praised for its message of staying home and protecting oneself.

The lawsuit claims that the song was written in 2012.

The suit also says the song has been covered by artists including Eminem and M.I.A.

The singer’s lawyer, David Baskin, said the song doesn’t encourage people not return to their homes.

“It’s not a threat or anything like that,” he told ABC News.

“People should stay home if they have to,” he added.

Baskin said his client is happy to talk about the lawsuit.

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