‘Come Sit Stay Stay Stay’ is the new hotel bedding that’s been making the rounds in Tucson, Arizona

The trendiest thing in Tucson is its hotels.

That’s because hotels are where you stay when you go somewhere else.

That doesn’t mean the hotels themselves are the best.

But if you’re a hotelier, you’re always thinking about your next move.

And the trendiest hotel bed in Tucson?

It’s this one.

It’s called the Come Sit Stay.

It’ll only be available for two nights at this hotel, but you can’t miss it.

I got to say, it’s a cool bed.

It looks pretty modern.

The two-night bed is $400 per night and includes the bunk, table and chair.

It also comes with a bedside table and bedside TV.

The bed also comes bundled with a two-week supply of bedding and pillows.

The company that makes the bed, Bedrock, says the bed is meant to be a bed-sharing option.

“It’s the most efficient and affordable bed sharing bed in the market,” Bedrock said in a press release.

Bedrock also said it has a “no-reserve” option for up to six nights at a time.

So, you’ll have to stay in the bed.

That could be a good thing, as it means you can stay there as long as you like.

But you won’t be able to sleep there.

There’s also a $300 “come sit” option.

That means you’ll be able, for the night, to sit on the bed and have a nap.

The downside is you’ll not be able sleep on it.

You’ll just get a lot of snoring.

But Bedrock says it’s for a limited time.

There will be a limited supply.

It will be available at least until March 1, 2019.

The Come Sit Takeoff and Takeoff from the hotel room, a bed with pillows, and a pillow.

It won’t cost much.

But the bed will also be free.

So that’s the downside.

And it’s only available for a one-night stay at this one hotel.

And there’s no guarantee it will be back again for another two nights.

So it’s not a bad bed at all.

But that’s not the only bed on offer.

There are two other beds available in Tucson.

One is a $500 bed that includes a bed, chair, and table, and includes a pillow and bed.

The other is a bed that costs $400.

You get two nights, so you can keep that one for the time being.

The one thing that may be a bit confusing for some is that you can get a bunk bed at this bed and not have to share it with anyone else.

But there’s nothing to suggest you can share a bunk with another guest.

There is a one year limit for bunk beds.

That is, if you want to stay at the same hotel, you have to take the bed off of it.

So if you don’t want to share a bed for a year, that’s fine.

It means you won of need to come back for the bed again.

The hotel will charge you $20 per night for a bunk room, and you’ll pay for that in advance.

But I think that’s a fair price for a bed.

But, you know, it might be worth it.

But it’s still a pretty small bed for the price.

So you’ll definitely want to book this one now, before the supply runs out.

The bunk bed in this hotel room.

BedRock also has a bed sharing option.

It costs $300 per night.

The Bedrock bed that comes with pillow, table, chair and bed, as well as a bed sheet and pillow.

The price starts at $400 for a two night stay.

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