Which is more attractive to men? Stay home or stay dog?

Stay at home is the safest option for most men.

But it’s the least attractive option for women, with the average time to stay home falling by a full hour compared to the previous year.

And the time to return home is also the least of your concern.

If you’re not a fan of staying at home, you can always opt for the dog, according to a new study by the University of Oxford.

The study looked at the time it took a dog to walk a dog from the time they were first introduced to the owner to the time the dog walked home.

The researchers looked at both domestic and feral dogs, and found that the average dog would walk for four to six hours before walking home.

Domestic dogs would spend two hours at home and two hours in the house, while the average feral dog would spend three to four hours in both homes.

The average time spent by a dog at home was two hours and five minutes, while an average feral one was four hours and seven minutes.

When they compared the time spent in the home with the time that a dog would have spent if they stayed at home over the course of the study, the results were even more startling.

The findings show that the time a dog spends in the yard is less than two hours, while a dog spent four hours to return to the home, and an average of eight hours spent in both.

Dogs are also more likely to be sick than the average cat.

Domestic cats are more likely than their feral counterparts to have a health issue.

The dogs in the study were all dogs of different breeds and sizes, and none had been sterilised.

“Domestic cats are also much more likely [to have] behavioural problems such as biting or scratching their owners,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers found that many men do not realise the difference between staying home and the dog. “

We found that dogs were more likely not to be socialised in the first place, or to be neutered and given injections to stop their immune system responding to a particular infectious disease, and this was more likely when they were housed with a dog than when they came from a wild animal.”

The researchers found that many men do not realise the difference between staying home and the dog.

In one case, the researchers tracked down a man who was bitten by a stray dog.

The man was given a tetanus shot, which reduced the chance of getting infected by the bacteria, but he returned to the dog’s home after just two days.

“He was not feeling good.

He was vomiting and feeling unwell,” the researcher said.

“I was shocked, because I thought he had lost his mind.”

In the UK, the average age at which people start a family is 37.

The median age for first marriage in the UK is 24.5.

The number of births is up, but the number of children is down.

Read more about how much you can expect to pay for a house or car.

Stay home is an option for men The research found that staying at the home had a significant impact on men’s mental health.

“This was in the case of men who had been divorced and were living alone, who tended to have lower self-esteem and had been more likely for men to experience negative emotions,” the study said.

But the researchers added that men who lived with a woman and children did not show this trend.

“The reason why men with a wife were less likely to experience depression or anxiety was that they had a partner who was supportive of them,” the report concluded.

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