Why a GOP senator from New Mexico wants to abolish the EPA

New Mexico Senator Maria Cantwell (D-NM) is calling on President Trump to abolish his agency’s Clean Power Plan.

“The President’s decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement is an affront to America and a betrayal of the American people,” Cantwell told Breitbart News in a statement.

“If President Trump is serious about protecting the environment, he needs to repeal the Clean Power Act.

This rule is an attempt to roll back environmental protections enacted under the Clean Air Act.

It will result in higher carbon emissions, more dangerous air pollution, and more power plants emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

The EPA’s Clean Air Rule was designed to help states combat air pollution from coal-fired power plants and related infrastructure, as well as prevent harmful pollution from the nation’s largest industrial source of greenhouse gases: coal-burning power plants.

Cantwell is the only Democrat in the Senate, and her bill, called the Clean Energy and Energy Independence Act, would prohibit the EPA from issuing new regulations that will harm Americans.

“President Trump should not be allowed to break the law or use our resources to enforce laws that he does not like,” Cantill said.

“I call on him to immediately stop this unnecessary rule that will make it more difficult for American families to get the clean, renewable energy they need to stay on the safe path to energy independence.”

In January, Cantwell said that she would support an amendment that would remove the Clean EPA from the Senate’s agenda. 

She also said that President Trump needs to “come clean and admit the truth about the impact his decision is having on our country and our environment.”

“I want him to come clean and say that we need to take a serious look at our power plants, our power grid, our transportation systems, our energy sources,” Cantall said.

“We need to get to the bottom of this.

And I am hopeful that he will step up and come clean with the American public.”

Trump signed the Paris Agreement on May 29, 2018, after signing an executive order that removed the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases.

The president’s move was met with widespread criticism and a backlash, including a boycott by many environmental groups, who accused the president of trying to kill the EPA.

In a statement, the White House said Trump is “a big believer in protecting the American environment and ensuring our economy works for all Americans, including those who live and work in coal country.”

The EPA has not said whether it will continue to enforce the Clean Climate and Clean Power plans that were signed by former President Barack Obama. 

The White House has also declined to comment on Cantwell’s legislation.

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