Stay calm meme goes viral, stays in touch

Stay calm.

If you have been following this story for a while, you know that memes like Stay calm are nothing new.

You’ve probably seen the same memes in the news before.

They’re used to show people how to behave, and they’re also a way to tell stories.

Stay calm memes, however, have taken the viral meme phenomenon to another level.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the creator of Stay Calm told them that they’re not just a meme for people who are looking for a way not to worry.

Stay Calm memes are a way for people to feel connected to one another, to have a sense of community, and to have hope for the future.

But, like all memes, they’re just a bunch of jokes, according to Stay Calm’s creator, Jason Fattah.

When a meme goes around, it’s not just the people who see it who get the joke.

It’s all of us who are the joke, Fattag.

It was Jason who said, “The people who get a meme don’t really care if you have it.

They just want to have it.”

Fattagh told the Washington Times that he got the idea to make the meme after reading a Reddit post about depression.

He started to wonder how people might feel when someone they know was depressed and had no one to talk to.

Fattahan told the Times that while he doesn’t feel bad about having the meme in his home, he wants to get people to understand the message.

It might not be a meme you want to see in your living room, but it can be very helpful for someone who’s feeling alone, Fathah said.

Stay Calm is a way people can connect with one another.

In its current form, the meme is only available in the U.S. and has been featured on websites like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

Fathag told the Post that he hopes to make it available to other countries as well.

“It’s definitely a positive thing that people are seeing that people who might be depressed aren’t alone, and we hope that other countries can use this as a tool to better understand what depression is and what they can do to help others,” Fattagar said.

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