Which memes have been around since 2012?

A meme that has been around for years, but one that has not gained much traction since its creation.

The meme was created in December 2012 by user Kaelan, who posted a video to his Facebook page featuring a picture of a group of people in a forest.

The video was picked up by a number of news sites including The Daily Dot, The Verge, and TechCrunch, and was featured on various blogs.

While the video was widely shared online, it was soon taken down by Facebook, and Kaelannan was unable to access the video until January 2015.

After Kaelano posted the video to YouTube, he received a flood of comments from users saying they had found the video on their own.

“It’s pretty funny,” Kaelanaan said in an interview with CBC News.

“I mean, people really don’t know what it’s about.”

After some research, Kaelani realized the video had been removed because it was violating Facebook’s rules on “misrepresentation of someone else.”

In an effort to get the video back up, Kaitlyn O’Connell from the University of Toronto used the YouTube platform’s automatic takedown feature to track down the video’s creator.

O’Connor found Kaelanne’s post to be a legitimate post that was being shared by others without his permission.

“This was a very clever prank,” O’ Connor said.

“The video was shared by many people and had been shared on many different websites.”

After O’Connor found Kana’s original post, she posted the post to Reddit and Facebook.

“After Reddit was notified that the original post was taken down, it quickly gained a following,” O`Connor said.

The post quickly went viral on the site.

The original video has been watched over 13 million times.

“When you look at the post in the first few days of the viral video’s existence, it’s clear it’s got some serious traction,” O”Connor said in a phone interview with The Huffington Post Canada.

“Reddit and Facebook are not exactly known for taking down videos, but they took down a bunch of posts after the first viral video went viral.”

Facebook did not respond to CBC News’ request for comment.

Kaelanna’s original video was taken off the site by Facebook.

Facebook has since removed Kaelane’s original meme, and Facebook has said it will take down the rest of Kaelans videos after they are “taken down by our moderation team.”

“The idea behind the meme is not to mock the people who are suffering or who are struggling,” OConnor said of the video.

“In fact, it says the same thing, in an even more powerful way.”

Kaelanni, a member of the group Queers Against Violence Against Women, believes the original video is part of a broader trend that she sees across the internet.

“As we see this trend of using memes to make memes, I think there’s a wider issue going on here than just people mocking others,” she said.

A growing number of the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube have been taken down after they were flagged for violating Facebook guidelines.

OConnor, who believes the videos have been removed for violating social justice and gender issues, believes it is a sign that Facebook is moving away from policing the content it posts.

“We need Facebook to take a look at this trend,” she says.

“There is an increased use of these types of memes on the internet.”

A new trend in memes Kaelena says her new video is a response to a growing trend that has seen memes used to mock people.

“A lot of these memes are very specific and personal, and they have a very specific purpose in their use,” she explained.

“But also there’s also a trend of people creating them to express a certain message.”

Kanaanaan says the video shows that there are more and more memes being created to mock those who are experiencing discrimination.

“These memes are being created by people who have been bullied or have experienced harassment,” he said.

While Kaelas video may not have been the most popular meme on YouTube, it did garner thousands of likes and shares.

Kanaan, a graduate student at the University at Buffalo, says the number of people who see the video has increased by thousands of people since it was first posted.

“People who have seen this video are really engaged and have been really engaged,” Kanaans mother, Marisa, said.

Marisa Kaelona said she is happy that Facebook took down the meme and that her son was able to make it viral again.

“He has a really strong belief in that meme and he believes that it was made for him and that people should take that into consideration,” Marisa said.

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