The Fox News Network is home to a huge list of Trump-related stories

This article originally appeared on Fox News.

Fox News has long been a destination for Trump-hating pundits, and now it’s home to one of the most popular Trump conspiracy theories of all time.

Fox host Megyn Kelly took the reigns of the network in March 2016, and she quickly set the network apart from other mainstream news outlets by publishing a list of “10,000 reasons why Trump will win the election.”

The list was so long that Kelly had to cut it down to just two days of Trump’s presidency.

The list is not only long, it’s filled with outright lies, and many of the names are not even on the list.

Kelly also featured several conspiracy theories on her show, including one claiming that Trump would not be president for more than eight years, which was never true.

But that didn’t stop Fox News from covering the Trump conspiracy on a regular basis.

Kelly’s conspiracy theory was just one example of how Fox News is an outlet that consistently pushes anti-Trump messages, despite the fact that the network itself has been consistently accused of promoting racism, sexism, and other hate speech.

Trump was not only a longtime supporter of Fox News, he was also a frequent guest.

In a March 20, 2017, interview with the network, Trump praised Kelly as a “great journalist,” and even said she should be the next president of the United States.

The conversation then turned to Trump’s feud with Megyn Meyers, and the host accused Meyers of being a “bimbo” and a “cunt.”

But Kelly never called Meyers a racist, sexist, or a “faggot,” and she also never mentioned Trump by name.

It wasn’t until May that Kelly finally dropped the Trump-bashing bomb, and her “10k reasons why” list hit the airwaves.

The Trump conspiracy theory is actually just a small part of the Trump campaign’s playbook, as the conspiracy theory has also been used to smear Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

For instance, in a June 21, 2016, video, a man in a Trump hat can be heard shouting “Faggot!” as he attacks a reporter.

This is an anti-Semitic and anti-Hillary campaign tactic, which is why it was widely mocked on Twitter and elsewhere.

And in September 2016, Trump even used his own personal Twitter account to attack Megyn for covering his wife Melania’s private meeting with a Russian lawyer.

“Megyn Kelly is a disgusting person.

It’s disgusting,” Trump said in a tweet at the time.

“If I had a daughter, she’d look like [Melania] Trump.

Bad Megyn!”

Another video, also posted by Trump, included him saying he would “do anything” to beat up Megyn, who he said was “a loser.”

The “10K Reasons Trump Will Win the Election” meme was created by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

It is an obvious attempt to tie the Trump presidency to the anti-Semitism, racism, and misogyny that have plagued the United State in recent years.

Trump, however, has also accused Kelly of being biased against him and making a mockery of his presidency.

“I was so upset, and so disappointed in the way she treated me during the campaign, and then the next day she starts to treat me, the way I treat her, in the same way,” Trump told Fox News in January.

“And I was like, ‘Wow, this is unbelievable.'”

The “TenK Reasons” conspiracy theory originated with Fox News commentator and Trump supporter Bill O, and he later put the idea on his own website.

The website, The 10K Reasons, has a section for people to subscribe to, where they can receive notifications when there are new “10 thousand” reasons to vote for Trump.

Here is what the site’s website looks like: The ten thousand reason list has a number of variations.

“Facts: If you are going to support a candidate, be honest and truthful,” reads the title.

“Do not vote for someone who has been accused of sexually assaulting women, assaulting women in locker rooms, assaulting children, assaulting your opponents, etc.,” it continues.

The “If you are a man, do not vote” section also reads, “Be the man, be the winner, and be a strong leader.”

“Be responsible,” reads another section.

The section on “Be a leader” also includes this warning: “The leader of the free world, Donald J. Trump has the responsibility to lead by example and be responsible for our country and our world.”

It’s important to note that many of Trump and Kelly’s arguments for why Trump is the better candidate have been debunked by other news outlets.

In fact, many of Kelly’s sources are Trump supporters.

“There is no doubt in my mind that he’s a better candidate than the one who’s running against her,” said a Fox News producer in February 2016.

“He’s a very smart

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