How to stay Blackpink on Valentine’s Day: Stay Spray and Stay Black

When we think of Valentine’s, it seems like the perfect time to start looking for ways to keep your loved ones’ sparkly glow.

However, many of us aren’t so lucky.

Here are the seven most common ways to stay up to date on all the trends and trends that will surely get you sparkly in the coming months.

Keep your sparkly lights on Stay Blackpinks have long been known for their bold, colorful makeup and look, but we’re all familiar with the trend of the black-and-white eyeshadow palette.

If you’re still not sure what to wear, or if you’d like to be more creative with your looks, you’re not out of luck.

Check out these tips to keep sparkly eyes and eyeshadows in style: 1.

Keep up with the latest trends.

We know that Valentine’s is the perfect day to go the DIY route with your makeup and stay sparkly.

In fact, a lot of people like to use the hashtag #stayblackpinks, where they post their own creations to get the attention of brands like Ulta, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and more.

The hashtags are all about staying true to your inspiration, and stay inspired.

In some cases, you can even use the hashtags to share some of your own creations.

If your love of the look is a little bit different, you could consider trying to blend it in with a lighter look.

Keep the sparkle on.

If that’s the case, check out our roundup of the most popular makeup trends.


Choose the right makeup brand.

There are a ton of great makeup brands that will definitely make your look pop on Valentine, and it’s up to you to make sure that your look isn’t too similar to your favorite brands.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your local makeup stores to make certain that you’re getting the right shades and colors for your skin tone.


Get creative with the packaging.

Whether it’s an adorable Valentine’s card or a super cute box of nail polish, you might want to keep the look as simple as possible.

You might even opt to use a simple gift tag that says, “I’m so grateful for you,” and “Love to be your partner.”

Make sure to choose a brand that has been featured in some fashion-forward Instagram posts or is known for cute accessories.

For instance, this Valentines day gift tag from @beauty_carlotte is a great way to give your love one of the coolest accessories they’ve ever received.

Make it a fun gift!


Try a different shade.

Many people like the idea of staying sparkly by going with one of their favorite colors or shades, but you’ll definitely want to try something different for a more unique look.

Try an eye shadow palette with a different tone or shade to see how that feels.


Create your own inspiration.

There is a trend going around right now for people to make their own makeup using makeup brushes and other tools.

If there’s a brand you’re considering, try out some of the tutorials on the website Makeup and Makeup Brushes to get creative with creating your own custom look.


Try your best to keep things simple.

For the most part, Valentine’s day is a lot more fun when you can just focus on what you love most, like your love for makeup and your love to be with your partner.

If it’s all about you, then stick to a few simple ways to look stylish and stylish, like pairing your hair in a bun or braids, wearing an eye-catching hat, or just wearing a cute, colorful shirt and tie.


Get inspired by your friends and family.

You know that cute black- and white outfit you saw on Instagram or Pinterest?

You could also try the hashtag Stay Black and Blackpinky to share your own idea for what your look might look like.

Make sure you follow the hashtables and stay on top of the latest trend to keep it sparkly on Valentine.

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