Which is more terrifying? The Ebola outbreak or a potential pandemic?

Stay calm quotes Stay calm quotations A pandemic could hit the country with a pandemic, as the government warns.

Stay calm quotes More than 20,000 people are now in isolation in Sydney’s west, with many others being treated for respiratory infections.

New South Wales Health Minister Peter Dutton said on Monday the state’s health emergency centre had been closed and the state was working with other state and territory governments to help deal with the situation.

The state is still at a very low level of preparedness, and we have no clear plan to deal with it.

Dutton told reporters at a news conference the current situation was not sustainable.

He said there were many people who had to be isolated and treated in isolation.

“There are people in the community who are in the isolation unit and there are some people who have been in the hospital and are in isolation,” he said.

We’re going to do everything we can to keep them safe, but we are not there yet.

I know we can’t keep this situation under control.

Mr Dutton warned people to stay away from hospitals, saying people were at risk of contracting the virus if they didn’t get tested.

If you have an illness or are feeling sick, contact your GP immediately and stay in touch with your GP.

Do not travel to areas with high levels of isolation, such as Sydney.

Queensland Health Minister Scott Emerson said there had been no direct transmission from Sydney to Queensland.

A spokesman for Victoria Health said the state had received an alert of a possible case of Ebola and was working to confirm it.

The state said it was working closely with the Australian Red Cross and the Australian Health Protection Agency.

Victoria Health said it would release more information as it became available.

Federal and State governments are set to hold emergency meetings this week to discuss the situation and how to respond.

More to come.

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