What does the internet say about your mood?

A man in Brazil who is believed to be the first person to get an Australian tattoo of a “stay mad” meme was left speechless after seeing it on the internet.

The man, who goes by the name of the “Kai”, said he decided to get the tattoo after a friend posted it on Facebook, with the comment “you are a stay mad”.

“It was pretty hard to understand, but it was funny,” he told the ABC.

Mr Kai said he had had the tattoo on his back for the last three months and was keen to find a new tattoo to get. “

It’s really hard to explain it.”

Mr Kai said he had had the tattoo on his back for the last three months and was keen to find a new tattoo to get.

“I’m not a fan of memes, but I do like the way it looks.

It’s a nice tattoo, it’s pretty cool.”

He said he was looking forward to getting a new one.

“Maybe it’s a bit weird, but hopefully I’ll find a way to change it and it will look better,” he said.

“So far it’s looked great.”

The man’s tattoo was placed in front of a mirror with the words “stay MAD” written on it.

He was then told to take it off.

“In a sense it’s kind of a joke,” he explained.

“But I guess I’m just enjoying it.”

A man with a “KAI” tattoo posted it in front a mirror in Brasilia, Brazil.

Photo: Instagram/KaiSantiago “It means a lot to me because it means I can’t let it go, because I want to keep going, keep thinking and thinking and going.”

Mr Karabado has been an active Instagram user for several years and has posted several memes.

“People don’t realize it, but that’s how we live now, but in the past we were very different, like a very, very sad, very lonely person,” he says.

“There were a lot of memes on Instagram, but the memes are a little bit different now, a lot more personal and I think it makes me smile.”

The Australian tattoo parlour said Mr Kai had been “sad and lonely” since his friend posted the tattoo, but was glad to see it spread online.

“This is really awesome and it’s really good news,” the company’s president, Antonio Fonseca, said.

“I’m so happy about it.

The more we know about the internet and the internet culture, the better it is for the tattoo industry.”

The company said Mr Karbado would have the tattoo removed soon.

A sign of a healthy society?

A tattoo shop in Brasil’s city centre.

Photo by Justin Maddox.

The “Koi” tattoo was posted in front the mirror on Monday.

“He was very sad and lonely,” Mr Fonsca said.

The tattoo was removed after the man’s friend told him it was inappropriate, Mr Fonsca said.

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