What are the songs of the year?

A couple of years ago, when I was starting my first book tour, I was writing about the world of Irish folk music, and one of the songs I wrote was called “What Are the Songs of the Year?”.

It was a pretty big thing in Ireland, but it was so popular that I had to re-write the song.

When I finally got around to re writing it, I realised I hadn’t included a single line, and I felt really bad.

I felt I had failed in my duty as a writer.

It was such a massive, personal song, and it had a great story, so I had a lot of pressure on me to get the words right.

It just felt like I had no time.

I realised that, in Ireland at the time, the word “what” meant very little.

It didn’t even mean “where”.

So when I wrote that song, I really had to do it in a way that was honest, and very human.

I didn’t write it to get away with a line, I wrote it to make sure that I wasn’t making any money off it.

It’s not easy, but when you are writing songs, it is very hard.

But that was a big, huge thing.

It made me realise that I am a writer first, and that’s the way I feel about music.

It helps you to have a positive attitude, because I feel like it is the first thing I get to do when I get home.

I just hope that people can hear that, and get their heads out of their asses.

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