How to deal with dirty dancing in Norway: What to know before you do it

Stay calm, go to the bathroom, and avoid being in the same room as someone else who is dancing.

If someone else is dancing, they can do it in private, but they can’t do it as a group.

That means, if you are not comfortable doing so, do not go.

If they start to dance, move to the opposite side of the room and avoid that person, or if you get the idea that they are about to dance with you, move as quickly as possible to the other side.

Do not allow yourself to get too excited or move too fast.

If you start to move too quickly, they might stop dancing.

This is not to say that they should stop, just that it should not happen.

Do you see what I mean?

Stay calm and be careful of what you are doing.

This should help you avoid getting in trouble with your neighbors.

Do your homework on the rules and regulations and if you do get caught dancing with someone else, call the police.

Also, make sure you don’t do something you are too embarrassed to talk about.

That could make the police question you about it later.

If your neighbors have any questions about what is going on, please ask.

Keep in mind that dancing in public is not safe.

You should always wear ear plugs and other protective devices.

It is also not okay to wear clothes that make people uncomfortable or that might be inappropriate for the public.

If something happens, stay calm and try to not make the situation worse by trying to take it out on them.

Do it in a quiet place.

Do the dance as soon as you can, even if it is just for a few seconds.

You can dance for a couple minutes, but then you have to get back to the bar or something else to have a drink.

When you are finished dancing, it is important to keep your hands together.

If there is someone in the middle of the dance, you have no control over it.

If one person starts to move to their right or left and one person moves to their left, it could be considered a serious offense.

If this happens, the police are the ones to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Stay calm.

Do whatever it takes to avoid getting arrested.

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