Which is the best hoodie for men?

You know, there’s no denying that hoodies are hot right now.

With the new season of Game of Thrones hitting theaters on Netflix on December 16, we thought it was high time to get the guys at Polygon in a serious discussion about which hoodie is the most comfortable for men.

And while we’re at it, we’re also here to offer some insight on how to properly get the right fit for your body type.

Before we get into the details, we should mention that hoodie makers are always looking for new ideas and have plenty of ideas on how they can improve the fit.

If you’re looking for the best fit for men, you’re in the right place.

The hoodie fit we’ve listed here is a good baseline and can be modified to suit your body types.

If it’s a size down, the fit could be even more snug.

This means the hoodie should be snug enough for your torso but loose enough for the arms.

If your shoulders are too wide, the hood will still be snug.

But, if you’re shorter, you may need a little more help with the fit, since the hood can be tighter than a regular hoodie.

The hoods below were tested with two pairs of gloves, one each in the chest and back.

We tried each one out on a few different men before settling on the one we’re using here.

For the chest:The chest is a fairly straightforward fit, but the fit is also the most forgiving.

Because the hood stays strapped, you’ll need to adjust the hood at least once a day for the first few days of wearing the hood, which will definitely help with discomfort.

If there’s a slight stretch in the hood (like when the hood comes on or when you open it), it’s worth changing it out for a different pair of gloves.

For a full explanation of our testing methodology, read on.

For those with small shoulders:We were a little surprised to find that the chest fit is very forgiving.

It can be snug or loose depending on how you’re wearing the mask, but it’s not difficult to adjust.

The chest hood should be as snug as possible, so if you feel the hood is too tight you’ll want to loosen it up and try again.

If the hood feels too loose, it might just be best to keep it on the same size.

For the back:The back is the same as the chest, but we found the back fit was slightly more forgiving.

The back hood is tighter than the chest hood, so you’ll have to loosen up the hood when you get to the front of the mask.

If wearing the front hood you might need to loosen the hood slightly more often.

For an explanation of the hood fit, read this.

For men with long arms:We tested the hood on several different men and found that the hood worked great for those with long limbs, so long as it was snug enough to avoid stretching your arms.

The shoulder straps also have a place on the back.

For more information about the fit for long arms, read our full review of the Zulu hoodie here.

If going with a hood that is too loose will cause discomfort for you, check out the free hoodie below.

For women:Women with long legs and hips may need to stretch their hoods a little, as the hood should stay snug for the thighs.

If a little extra stretching can help with comfort, that’s a good thing.

The shoulders, too, should be tight enough to make sure the hood won’t cause you pain.

For all the hood hood fit tips, read the full review here.

If you have any questions about hoods, you can also reach out to our Customer Service team.

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