Watch: The best new music videos from 2017

FourFourSeconds ago, a new album by American rapper Tyga was released.

The album, entitled Stay Wake Up, was accompanied by an animated short, which has since been removed from YouTube, but the short did serve to illustrate the album’s theme of the concept of staying awake.

The video, which features Tyga and his entourage, is called Stay WakeUp and features Tyg, a hip-hop artist, talking about the importance of staying up late.

Stay WakeUp was created by Tyga, who was working on the album with rapper Kanye West and his production partner, Rick Ross.

The short was released in February 2017 and quickly gained over 2 million views on YouTube.

Tyga is known for his music videos, which have become a huge hit with viewers.

He was even featured on the cover of Billboard magazine.

The music video is not Tyga’s only song with his production team.

Tyga also appeared on the soundtrack of the movie “Stay Awake,” and in 2017, Tyga co-wrote the music for the film, “Don’t Go Gentle Into That Dream.”

The release of Stay Wake up also brought Tyga a second record deal.

In September 2018, Tyg announced that he was teaming up with a third record label to release his third album, “Dirty Business,” which is scheduled for release on February 21, 2021.

Stay Stay Wakeup has been a hit in the music industry and is expected to be a hit on YouTube, where it has racked up over 15 million views.

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