The truth behind the viral campaign to save the US election

The election is still a long way from over, but a new viral campaign has turned a campaign about the economy into a battle for survival.

The Trump administration and its allies have been waging a propaganda campaign on social media, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The President’s supporters have rallied to the President’s defense.

“The economy is going to be fine.

No more trade wars, no more jobs.

The economy will be fine,” Trump said during his election night victory speech.

But many in the White House believe that this is a lie.

The campaign is called #RespectForThePeople, and it’s being led by former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka.

He created the hashtag #ReserveYourValues to encourage people to donate to groups fighting the President.

The goal is to create a safe space for people to come together to protest, organize rallies, and raise awareness about the election and its aftermath.

The Trump administration is also running a new Facebook page, which aims to make people more aware of the dangers facing America and to get out the vote.

“We’re here to save America, and we’re here for you,” the page reads.

The effort to keep people from voting has gained some traction among Trump supporters.

On Tuesday, more than 300,000 people donated $3.6 million to groups working to prevent people from casting their ballots in the election, the Journal reports, while the effort has since surpassed $7 million.

The group, Organize to Vote, which has raised $2.5 million, says it has been able to keep up with the pace of donations.

“What’s happening is that we’ve gotten our message out that it’s not just a matter of people deciding they’re going to vote on November 9th, it’s a matter that has a huge impact on the economy and the future of our country,” Alex Torko, the group’s director of campaigns and community organizing, told the Journal.

“It’s been incredible.”

The campaign has also inspired other groups to launch their own projects, like #Resist, which was launched to encourage protesters to vote.

The page, like the #ReservedYourValues campaign, has gained a following among Trump’s supporters, and Torkos team is looking to expand its reach in other ways.

They are now working with local law enforcement to ensure that people are being targeted, and they have a plan to help people who are afraid to speak out about the administration, he said.

“People are not being treated like criminals, they’re being treated as citizens,” Torkoi said.

The fight for people’s right to vote was born from Trump’s campaign promises to make Americans feel safe again.

The president’s administration has spent millions on ads attacking Hillary Clinton and other Democrats and blaming their policies on the election.

But the reality is that the economic problems that the Trump administration has claimed as a reason to vote against are really a result of the policies that have led to this election, Torki said.

For example, the administration has been pushing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which Trump himself said was “obsolete.”

And he has also said that he wanted to replace the country’s infrastructure.

But Torkio said that his goal was to create an environment where people could participate in the political process and vote, without worrying that their votes would be used against them.

“This is an election about the future,” he said, “and it’s really about protecting the country from this kind of electioneering.

People need to have a voice.”

In other words, the future is now.

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