How to stay cool and stay busy in your hotel room

When you’re traveling for business, your options are limited.

If you’re a stay at a Marriott Hotel or Holiday Inn Express in the United States, you’ll need to book a room online, and you’ll have to pay a booking fee.

In Canada, you can book online at your hotel and pay a hotel tax on your stay.

But the best option for travelers is to stay in a hotel room.

The best hotel rooms for staying cool in the wintertime are the hotel rooms at Sheraton Vancouver, Sheraton Victoria and the Sheraton Grand Marquis.

They’re located in the city’s trendy Eastside, which has lots of restaurants, bars and shops, and is well-known for its restaurants, especially in downtown Vancouver.

To get to your hotel, head to the lobby.

You can enter through the lobby from Victoria or from the corner of West Hastings and Queen Street.

You will need to check in at the Shera, a boutique hotel, on the second floor of the building, which is about 5 feet wide by 20 feet high and is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To book a hotel stay in the City of Vancouver, go to the hotel’s website and enter your address.

The hotel will provide you with the room number and room name.

To book your room online at Shera West Hastings, go online to the Sheramax website and you can pick your room.

It will cost $129 a night.

To check out your room, go into your room and check out.

To reserve a room at a hotel, call the hotel.

You must book in advance and the hotel will not be able to confirm the availability of a room until the reservation is made.

If you want to stay longer than a night at a Sheraton, you will have to pick up your room from the Sheramelux Hotel in the downtown core.

You may have to go to a different hotel, but you will get a hotel credit card.

If a room isn’t available for a particular day or weekend, the hotel can usually accommodate a room for you.

But it may be a bit pricey.

If the hotel has more than one room, the best place to stay is the one you pick up.

You won’t get a room credit if you pick out the room that’s the closest to your destination.

You’ll also be charged a booking tax if you book online, but the tax is usually waived.

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