When Will Trump Be Assassinated? The Case for a Clean and Comfortable Election

On Wednesday, the FBI is expected to release a final report on the November 2016 shooting of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was shot in the back at 4:10 p.m. local time on July 10, 2017.

But there is a growing chorus of people and groups calling for the assassination of the president.

Trump, who has long called for a peaceful transfer of power, has a history of calling for assassination.

He has called for the deaths of his political rivals.

Trump said that he would consider the assassination a “nice gesture” if it came to pass.

The assassination of Trump could be used as a pretext to remove him from office.

The assassination is unlikely to be a direct response to the Rich killing, but it could be a tactic to remove Trump from office, said David Gergen, an expert on political assassinations and an associate professor of history at Duke University.

“There’s a lot of speculation about whether he’s going to do it, whether he’ll be assassinated, whether the media will be covering it, how people will respond,” Gergen said.

“But he doesn’t have a lot to fear from that.”

Gergen said there is precedent for assassination as a tactic in the U.S. He said the assassination in Spain of the Spanish Prime Minister Francisco Franco in 1975 was one of the first in which the public became aware of the assassination.

Franco was assassinated in a hail of bullets by assassins in the early hours of the morning.

Gerger said that when people were angry about a situation or something, they would use an assassination as an opportunity to show the world what they’re upset about.

Gergen called the idea of the murder of Trump “a little bit creepy.”

“It seems to me that it’s an opportunity for the president to get a boost, but I think it’s probably going to be used against him and the media,” Gerger said.

When it comes to the assassination, Gergen sees the potential for it to be done in a way that would be more effective than simply killing the president, Gerger added.

“I think it would be much more effective if the president was shot at a political rally,” he said. 

Trump has previously said that assassination is not a very popular thing to do, especially when he’s not in power.

Trump’s supporters say he’s never killed anyone and that he’s always done his best to protect the country.

Some of Trump’s harshest critics are saying that Trump’s assassination will have a positive effect on the country, but others say that Trump could end up as president in the end.

Trump has not released his final autopsy report.

On Monday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said that Trump should not be assassinated.

Ryan said on Fox News that Trump has shown himself to be the most loyal and trustworthy person that the American people have ever known.

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